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PVC Card common quality problems and solutions

The color difference

Because most PVC cards are printed in the combination way: On the same PS plate put together dozens of orders. So it’s difficult to take care of each single order. Sometimes one order color is right, but another order’s color deviation is very far.

The solution to this problem is to use a special plate printing, that is, a PS plate only printing one order. So the color will be more accurate. Sometimes the color deviation reason is the material color changed, resulting in the printed PVC card is also very far from normal. For example, if the color of the material is black or finish is not enough, the printed card will be dim and dark. Such problems can only be solved by changing materials.


Normally the scratching reason caused by the synthesis process. Because in the card synthesis process to use steel plate pressed PVC sheet, through the heating pressure to make two pieces of PVC sheet combine together. If the steel plate finish is not good enough, or the steel plate maintenance is not good, when pressing PVC sheet will leave a more obvious scratch on the surface of the sheet, thus affecting the appearance of the finish card. The solution is to replace the worn steel plate.

Out of shape

If the press pressure is too strong, it is easy to lead to the PVC card Out of shape . The solution is to turn down the press pressure. Another reason is the card’s one side with a synthetic film, and the other side without it. The synthetic film and PVC deformation coefficient is different. This way also easy to cause the card Out of shape.The solution is to add a synthetic film on both sides of the card, or not add on either side.


The reason for the layering is that the synthesis time temperature is not enough to reach the melting point of PVC sheet, or the synthesis time is not enough, resulting in two pieces of PVC sheet cannot be completely bonded. The solution is to raise the temperature or extend the time of the synthesis process.

Card edge rough

The cause of this problem must be punching card mold wear too much, or out of the gap. The solution is to repair or replace the mold. Above are the common quality problems of PVC card and the solutions.

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